LAX gets new luxury terminal

If you’re rich or famous, you can finally slip in and out of Los Angeles in complete privacy, thanks to a new luxury terminal that has just opened at LAX Airport. Baroque Travel has all the details


Called The Private Suite, this new privately-owned luxury terminal that was built at a cost of $22 million opened this month at LAX International Airport, featuring an exclusive entrance, top notch security and lavish lounges to relax in. In addition, if you’re using Private Suite, you also get a private chauffeur-driven car to take you across the tarmac in style.


Of course, use of the Private Suite will cost you – but if privacy is something you care about, then a fee of $4,000 each time you fly internationally, or $3,500 locally, won’t matter that much. After all, it’s likely you’re traveling Premier or First Class on a commercial airline, this extra fee is just small change. Comfort may come at a price, but this is real comfort. And because they’re so accommodating, Private Suites allow a maximum of four passengers to fly for the same fee. And if you purchase an annual membership of $7,500, then you get $1,000 discount on every flight you take. That amounts to $3,000 per international flight and $2,700 for a domestic one.


Called Premium Class, the Private Suite is a terminal away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, not to mention the paparazzi. Users are greeted on a private driveway located behind a series of gates, and a team of eight attendants look after their luggage, whisk them through a gate to security and into one of a choice of 13 private suites, all offering two-person daybeds, TV, a selection of snacks, WiFi, and private bathrooms. When it’s time to board their flights, passengers are driven across the tarmac to the plane in a chauffeur-driven BMW.


There’s very little walking involved in this type of treatment – Private Suite has calculated that each passenger will take a maximum of 70 steps from the moment they get from the plane to the car, compared to the 2,200 steps regular passengers are taking.

Of course, there are other perks, too. For instance, members of Private Suite can book massages before their flights, as well as manicures, hair and make-up sessions – at no additional cost. And if they’re not feeling up to par, they can arrange for a concierge doctor to meet them at their suite when they arrive for a check-up.


This new terminal concept may be the first in the US, but it’s already in operation around the world at international airports in London, Dubai, Munich and Zurich to name a few. The company that owns Private Suite is currently negotiating to open a similar terminal at JFK International Airport in NYC.


Already more than 1,200 people have signed up for membership. So if you’re interested in signing up, or would like to try out Private Suite before signing up, let Baroque Travel assist. Contact us now,, and we will arrange everything for you.