This is How You Halloween in New York City

Pumpkin spiced coffee is in the air. So too are witches, ghouls, devils, and phantoms – for Halloween is about to rear its costumed head this very Friday. But, of course, the colorful mélange of costumes adorning their human wearers is only part of the Halloween story. What is Halloween without a deliciously vibrant panoply of parties, after all?

All the more so if you are bustling about in New York City – that cultural milieu rich in creative spirit and artistic expression.  New York City will be very much alive this month with many  Halloween fêtes.  

In your ubiquitous roamings of this cosmopolitan city, then, consider tasting the flavor of one or more of these marvelous parties.




The NoMad: A Black-tie Affair

For a swanky black-tie evening on Halloween: the NoMad Masquerade Ball. Black ties and masks are a must at this elegant affair, taking place on October 31. Live entertainment will be provided by Chris Norton Septet, the SugarTone Brass Band, Grupo Irek, and DJ Matt Seigel.

Yet the appeal of this suave occasion does not here. Magic tricks will be performed by theory 11 – one more reason to don a mask and slip on a black tie.


This Could Get Loud: Robot Heart

A bus pulls up, but it is infused with personality. It’s covered with speakers. It’s Robot Heart.

Dreamers. Artists. Entrepreneurs. They all gather at Robot Heart for a wildly fun Halloween warehouse party. It’s a thoroughly diverse crowd here, and everyone is required to be in costume.

For a night pumped with music and simmering with decadence, look no further than Robot Heart.


Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, and Halloween at the Jade Hotel

When the clock strikes 9 o’clock on the evening of October 31st, the doors of the Grape & Vine at the Jade Hotel will swing open, ushering you in for a visual retrospective of Old Hollywood: all guests are encouraged to dress up as a classic star of Old Hollywood.

An open bar will grace the Jade Hotel with its presence until midnight, when the party will be open to everyone. But before midnight, this sophisticated, stylish occasion is invite only.


Dia de Los Muertos in NYC

Sport a costume bedecked with skeletons and roses and stride into the No. 8 club’s “Day of the Dead” Halloween party. The party begins at 11 P.M. on the night of October 31st, and is hosted by Amy Sacco – “the force behind the former nighttime meccas,” according to the New York Times.

There will be much in the way of joviality, with Juss, Kalkutta, and Nicole Leone acting as DJs for this spooky event.  


Halloween Dinner at Saks Fifth Avenue

Stroll over to Saks Fifth Avenue at 7 PM on October 30th, and you will find a special treat there for you. A certain world-class chocolatier, Jacques Torres, will create something truly delightful with Chef Alex Reyes. Your taste buds will revel in the deliciousness of the 4-course Halloween dinner presented here, and you can be sure that unique chocolate treats will be one of the highlights of your evening.




Dia de Los Terribles at Wyth Hotel

On the waterfront of Williamsburg, the Wyth Hotel building was once a factory. But now it’s a popular Brooklyn hotel, and on October 31st – at 8 PM – it will be hosting a Dia De Los Terribles party, complete with DJ entertainment featuring the likes of Dev Hynes. Lounge around the open bar and indulge in tequila and mescal for a thoroughly enjoyable and skeleton-laden evening                                                                                  


It’s Strange, But Good Strange: MoMA PS1 and Susanne Bartsch

Susanna Bartsch has created quite a reputation in Manhattan’s nightlife. Having produced countless daring and bold entertainment events, it only makes sense that she would get along well with MoMA PS1 of Queens. MoMA PS1 unashamedly features contemporary art work, and with Susanne Bartsch, an intrepid Halloween celebration will take place at 8 PM on October 31st.


Halloween Night at the Marquee Nightclub

Dazzling in its opulence, the Marquee Nightclub is hosting a sizzling Halloween costume party (no masks allowed) on the eve of October 31. Sunnery James, Ryan Marciano and DJ Politik will enthrall you with their sounds, and Halloween-themed cocktails will be making the rounds. The party will come alive at 9 PM, with an open vodka bar available for patrons from 9 to 10 PM. A host of different packages can be purchased, depending on your individual tastes and preferences.


Start Your Halloween Night with a Disco Dance Off at the Bohemian

The polished floors and suave atmosphere of the Bohemian restaurant in Manhattan act as the perfect backdrop for a Disco Dance Off, taking place on October 31st. This Disco Dance Off is sure to be the highlight of your evening during this Halloween party, but what’s the prize for the winner? Nothing less than a free 1 night stay at the Bohemian Suite – in Jamaica. If you are a connoisseur of good food and a voracious dancer, be at the Bohemian restaurant on Halloween at 7 PM. 


“It’s Going to Be Sick”: Halloween Party at the Mondrian SoHo

The Mondrian SoHo is one of New York’s finest hotels, and on Halloween (at 10 PM) there will be a lively Halloween bash, hosted by Fiona Byrne and nightlife king Travis Bass. It’s invite only, and “it’s going to be sick” reads one of their invitation cards. Be there for some spirited Halloween festivities.


Gangs of New York at Dream Hotel Downtown

It’s Gangs of New York (French and Italian), a costume party hosted by French Tuesdays and Made In Italy – and held at the lavish Dream Hotel Downtown. The doors of “The Gallery” of the Dream Hotel will be open to you at 9 PM on October 31th – if you have purchased tickets (no tickets will be sold at the door).

Once you have stepped foot into “The Gallery” – you are dressed as a gangster of New York, of course – the upbeat sounds of Rafael de Luca’s DJ prowess will strike your ears. Edward Netter will also be DJing, and if your mouth is watering for a treat, there will be complimentary hors d'oeuvres by Serafina, and delectable desserts will be served by Lady M Cake Boutique and Royce Chocolate.



The Last Ball is Here

Tempered by a brilliant but dark clash of glamor and decadence, Babel’s “The Last Ball” – featuring DJ Guy Gerber – will commence at 11:30 PM on Halloween night and continue long into the morning. This extravaganza – a fête noir, says Babel – is taking over the Paramount Hotel’s iconic underground Diamond Horseshoe, which once attracted stars of Old Hollywood and all of their unbridled passions.

What costume should drape your body? Something sinister and sensual, suggests Babel, with a touch of magic and the mystical. For kindling your darkest desires, the Last Ball is here.


Dance All Night at Space Ibiza

An all-night revelry of dancing and candy and costumes will shake Space Ibiza on October 31st, starting at 10 PM and ending at 8 AM. Consider it an Olympic-sized Halloween bacchanal, and immerse yourself in the hypnotic sounds of DeEp DiSh’s electronic music. You will find this Halloween party in Hell’s Kitchen – be prepared to bring out your best and flashiest dance moves.

Heidi Klum Will Help You Halloween Now

The German supermodel will be hosting a magnificent costume party at Tao Downtown on October 31st. Heidi Klum is well-known in celebrity circles for her extravagant costume parties, and she has been dubbed the “Queen of Halloween.” Enter the Halloween Queen’s party at midnight and revel in the music brought about by the talent of Questlove, DJ M.O.S., and DJ Matthew Law. Costumes will be all the rage here, so wear something that reflects the creative spirit of the city.


A Nightmare on 42nd Street

Adorned with glittering chandeliers, striking marble columns, and a palatial aura, Manhattan’s Cipriani on 42nd Street is a well-known locale for suave soirees. On Friday, a special Halloween party will emerge here, luring all who go here with an inexhaustible variety of culinary edibles and music from the likes of Luciano with Sleepy Boo and resident DJ V. It stands to reason, then, that this Halloween party will be home to an unforgettable night.


Party Monsters Brings You a Halloween Fetish Ball at The Out NYC

Halloween’s ghoulish creatures of the night will come out in full force on October 30th at The Out NYC, where Party Monsters will be hosting a costume ball that caters to all who wish to indulge in their monster fetish.  Costumes are a must, of course, and the ball will be accompanied by the unearthly beats of DJ Patrick Grooves, DJ Nicolas Matar, and Apollonia. Join this Halloween monster bash at 10 PM for a memorable evening of dark, fiendish fetishes.