The icon is born

More than 100 years ago, Chivas Regal was established as the first luxury whisky in the world. And to celebrate this superlative tipple, Chivas Regal recently introduced Chivas Regal The Icon, an iconic example of luxury for a new era


As we know, icons are born, not made. And that is what Chivas Regal The Icon is all about. It’s a blend of some of the brand’s oldest and rarest whiskies, the king of a superlative range of iconic whiskies. Savoring a taste of Chivas Regal The Icon is an opportunity to enjoy the very finest whisky craftsmanship in the world, a whisky that embodies the tradition of this famous Scottish brand that was created by Master Blender Colin Scott.


The Icon is the most prestigious and exclusive Scottish whisky, a smooth blend of more than 20 different whiskies in Scotland, including some rare blends that have been lost forever. It’s a perfect mix of the old and the new, a combination of unique characteristics from each distillery including the rarest malts from Strahisla, Chivas Regal’s spiritual home, which is the longest continuously operating distillery to be found in the Scottish Highlands.


The whisky includes a number of hand-selected single malts that have been blended to create a bold, unique flavour especially for the whisky connoisseur. From this year onwards, the Master Blender will create a very limited amount of bottles of this rare elixir, a rare treat for whisky connoisseurs and collectors.

Each green bottle is a magnificent, hand-crafted masterpiece, a hand-blown crystal decanter created especially for Chivas Regal by the master craftsmen at Dartington Crystal. Each glass bottle is meticulously etched and finished with exquisitely crafted metalwork and decorated with a beautiful luckenbooth stopper, a traditional Celtic symbol of love. The distinctive green-coloured bottle, which has been the trademark color of Chivas Regal since the company’s first 25-year-old whisky was created in 1909, is certain to be a hit.


Of course, the tasting notes are quite sublime, celebrating the craftsmanship and excellence for which the brand is so well known. According to Master Blender Colin Scott, it’s “a truly exquisite blend - perfectly smooth with an intense concentration of sumptuous flavors that develop into an exceptionally long, lingering finish."

The inaugural edition of Chivas Regal The Icon was made available to purchase this past May in Dubai and will continue to be available there until the end of September 2015. Baroque Access can arrange a bottle for you, if you are interested, as this luxury Scotch whisky will only be freely available from October 2015 onwards for US$3,500. Contact us right away to find out all the details,