Your own exclusive movie night

The Oscars still on your mind? Why not host a private screening for 70 of your closest friends to enjoy a movie night watching an unreleased film from an acclaimed studio? Best of all, the entire experience will enable you to give back to a worthy cause!


Here’s an opportunity to treat up to 70 people to a private movie night in New York City to see a film that has not yet been released to the general public. Choose a featured film from the acclaimed Weinstein Company, and you and your guests will view it before its official premiere.

Your private screening will be of a film of your choice given to you by the Weinstein Company in an exclusive screening room in Manhattan. The price, of course, will depend on how many people attend the movie screening, and the movie that you choose. The proceeds are then given to the various charities supported by the Weinstein Company, which include arts initiatives, social services and health care.


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