Tokyo Fashion Week

The hype isn’t over yet – those fashionistas traveling on the designer fashion circuit twice a year, from New York to London, Paris and Milan, are now headed for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo to see Japanese designers’ offerings for Spring/Summer 2016. Baroque Travel has all the information about this exciting fashion fest, which takes place between 12 and 18 October


Right now, Tokyo is abuzz with activity as this fashionable Eastern city prepares itself for a series of runway shows, parties, exhibitions and events to showcase the best of Spring/Summer 2016 from Japan’s top fashion designers. Fashion savvy trend setters are currently en route to Japan’s capital to see the latest collections from the best of Japan’s innovative fashion set.


These collections, which will be showcased on the runway throughout Tokyo Fashion Week, along with those already shown in Paris, Milan, London and New York, form the basis of what international fashionistas will be wearing next season. And those with an interest in everything trend-worthy, either for business or personal reasons, are waiting with baited breath to see what the last Fashion Week in this year’s calendar has to offer.

Japan’s latest creative offerings are showcased to the world from a selection of locations in Tokyo. Most are held at Shibuya Hikarie and Mercedes-Benz Connection.


If you are interested in attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo, Baroque Travel can assist with all your requirements, including flights, accommodation, tickets to various shows and anything else you may require. We have also included the Fashion Week Schedule below, to assist you with choosing which shows you want to see. Once you’ve planned your itinerary, contact Baroque Travel, and we will take care of everything for you.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo




3pm Todd Snyder

3.30pm Tokyo New Age

8.30pm Atsushi Nakashima

9pm Mihara Yasuhiro



10.30am Plastic Tokyo

11am Beautiful People

4pm Keita Maruyama

5.30pm Factotum

9pm 5351 Pour Les Hommes



10.30am Motohiro Tanji

3.30pm In-Process

4pm divka

8.30pm Fashion Hong Kong

9pm Yoshio Kubo



10.30am Dressedundressed

11am Dresscamp

7pm Hiroko Koshino

8.30pm Discovered

9pm Christian Dada



10am Asian Fashion meets Tokyo

10.30am Ujoh

3pm Yuma Koshino

3.30pm Johan Ku Gold Label

6pm Aula

7pm Yuki Torii International

9pm Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio



10.30am Sulvan

11am Zin Kato

2pm Yashutoshi Ezumi

3.30pm hiromichi nakano

7pm KBF

8.30 Ace Creation

9pm Yoshikimono