Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

Tokyo comes alive with fashion from 14 to 19 March, when more than 50 famous and upcoming fashion brands will show their Autumn/Winter collections for 2016/2017


Let’s not forget just how fashion-forward the Japanese are…. The upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo is going to be an event worth attending if you can. With at least 50 different fashion brands strutting their stuff down the catwalk, the fashion savvy will be there in spades, lapping up the latest collections for Autumn/Winter 2016/2017. The show, which comprises a series of fashion shows held at various venues around the city of Tokyo as well as numerous parties and other events.


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Here is a schedule of the upcoming fashion shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo this March:

Monday March 14

10:30 Tsukasa Mikami

14:00 Jun Hashimoto

15:30 Ha Ha

19:30 Mint Designs

20:30 Keiichiro Sense

21:00 Keita Maruyama


Tuesday March 15

10:30 divka

11:00 Asian Fashion Meets Tokyo (Vietnam)

12:30 Seiji Inoue

15:00 Boo Pala [Turkey]

16:00 Hanae Mori manuscrit

17:30 Discovered

19:00 Matohu


Wednesday March 16

10:30 Dressedundressed

11:00 Anne Sofie Madsen [Denmark]

15:30 Bennu

16:00 Jotaro Saito

17:30 Haori de TiTi

19:00 writtenafterwards – Yoshido Aroberto, Okinawamade & Lequio

20:30 Asian Fashion Meets Tokyo (Indonesia)

21:00 Mr. Gentleman


Thursday March 17

10:30 Motohiro Tanji

11:30 Allsaints [UK]

12.30 Vienna on the Move

14:00 Support Surface

15:00 Theatre products

15:30 In-Process

16:30 Tae Ashida

18:00 byU

19:00 Hiroko Koshino

20:30 Cote Mer

21:00 Yoshio Kubo


Friday March 18

10:30 Plastic Tokyo

11:00 Tokyo New Age

12.30 Motonari Ono

14:00 5351Pour les Hommes

15:30 Johan Ku Gold Label

16:00 Yuma Koshino

17:30 Yukihero Pro-Wrestling

18:00 Adeam

19:00 Yuki Torii International

20:00 alice auaa Web

20:30 Hiromichi Nakano

21:00 Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio


Saturday March 19

10:30 Noriyuki Shimizu

11:00 Ethosens

15:30 And wander

16:00 Whiz Limited

17:30 Gouk

19:00 KBF

20:30 Coohem

21:00 Avalone