Vacation Destinations For The Traveler Who Has Seen It All

So where does the discerning traveler go if they’ve already visited all the hottest destinations? There are still a number of great choices available. Take a look…


The future of Luxury Travel

These days, people are looking for unique experiences, not just a vacation. They also enjoy learning something new, whether it’s a cooking class, finding out about rock art, the art of wine-making or photography. There are so many exciting, luxe destinations around the globe to choose from, but it’s becoming increasing popular to choose one particular region or country and then explore it, moving from one property to the next so as to enjoy various experiences.


One of the most luxurious collections of hotels and restaurants available is that of the association of properties called Relais & Chateaux, which offers a fine selection of the very best establishments with superb credentials. Access to these luxe properties is made easier via their comprehensive, easy to use app, available for Apple and Android devices. The interactive Relais & Chateaux gallery offers an exciting choice of more than 15,000 photographs of the association’s 500-plus hotels and restaurants.



Travel the world – on board the World

Enjoy a unique experience on board the largest privately owned residential yacht in the world, aptly called The World. Launched in 2002 and home to just 165 residences, this luxurious 644-foot long luxury yacht travels continuously around the globe, stopping off at exotic ports of call. Combine your floating home with a host of unbeatable facilities and own an enviable lifestyle that you can enjoy every day of the year, not just on holiday. The World boasts a choice of restaurants serving gourmet cuisine, a wine cellar that offers more than 12,000 bottles of fine wine, sumptuous décor, personalized service, a pampering spa, even a specialist on board enrichment program with guest lecturers. This is the ultimate, most prestigious travel and lifestyle offering available.

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African magic

Southern Africa has become the destination of choice for many discerning travelers, not only because of its diverse offerings (safari lodges, luxury seaside resorts, island getaways, you name it), but also because of the high standard of establishments on offer. In Southern Africa, five star luxury is easily accessible, service is personalized and the options (not that it matters if you’re wealthy) are relatively inexpensive, too. But it’s the variety available that is the real calling card, as well as the magic and romance offered on a trip to Africa.


Cape Town remains one of the most popular locations to visit – in fact, the magnificent Mother City was designated Design Capital of the world for 2014, because of its scenic beauty and variety of sights. But further afield more magic awaits – whether it’s exploring the stunning Indian Ocean Islands of Mauritius, Reunion or the Seychelles, or enjoying an adventure Robinson Crusoe style in Madagascar or Mozambique, going on safari in the Kenyan wilds, especially the spectacular Serengeti, or seeing the Big Five up close in Botswana.



Last word…

Out of Africa, there’s plenty to charm and entice. If you’ve been there and done that, then why not return and visit a new continent in-depth each time you travel? You could visit Europe one trip, Asia the next, explore South America, Antarctica, or the North Pole. The world is your oyster, especially if you’re a luxury traveler.


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