Bucket List 2017 – A Holiday to the End of the Earth

The town of Ushuaia, in the area of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina is the southernmost city on earth. It’s called ‘Fin del Mundo’, which means ‘End of the World’. And what better place to visit on a luxury vacation this year? Baroque Travel has the itinerary...


Start off at the end of the world, in the frontier town of Tierra del Fuego, located between the spectacular snow-capped mountains of the Andes and the famous Beagle Channel. This is the departure point for a cruise to Antarctica on a bucket-list luxury journey of adventure.


But whatever you do, don’t rush off to explore the Arctic; instead, spend a few days at the magnificent Arakur Ushuaia Resort and Spa, a luxury retreat that is one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Here you can enjoy a selection of relaxing spa treatments, indoor-outdoor pools and hot tubs filled with heated glacier water whilst soaking up breathtaking views of the Beagle Channel, the city and the snowcapped mountains in the distance. This retreat is much more than just a luxe hotel; it’s a one-of-a-kind experience offering a snug, warm and inviting atmosphere.


One of the most popular cruise liners used in this region belongs to Norwegian firm Hurtigruten, who have a long history of exploring the polar region. With them you can travel across the notorious Drake Passage that spans the tip of South America to the Antarctic Peninsula in comfort and luxury on the MS Fram.


Your Antarctic voyage begins with a champagne toast in the liner’s Panorama Lounge. You also meet the National Geographic photographer who will document your journey of discovery and offer photographic lessons for both beginners and experts. The ship heads east from Ushuaia through the Beagle Channel into Antarctica, the coldest place on earth, an isolated area that is the most pristine natural environment in the world.


Built in 2007, MS Fram was designed to bring guests closer to nature, wildlife and unforgettable experiences. Its spacious outside decks are located at the very front of the ship, which is a great place to observe marine wildlife. The ship has been specifically designed as an expedition vessel and features everything required to explore this untouched wonderland. Acting as an ‘expedition base camp’, it is comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly and as luxurious as this type of ship can be. Guests also enjoy comfortable seating at the top of the ship in the observation lounge with its large panoramic windows offering stunning views.


Guests are well-looked after, with excellent cuisine in the ship restaurant, which offers spectacular views of the surroundings from every table. At the far end of the restaurant is a balcony where you can take photographs of any wildlife that may appear while you’re dining. Other facilities include a well-equipped fitness room (also with ocean views), a sauna, outdoor Jacuzzis and extremely comfortable cabins and suites.

The ship offers its guests complementary expedition and excursion gear to wear when they embark on sturdy Polarcirkel boats to take them to shore and explore the surroundings.


So what will you see and experience on your Antarctic adventure? Magnificent icebergs, whale blowholes, penguins and stunning destinations, such as Elephant Island, home to elephant seals. You’ll glide through the Antarctic Sound with its unequalled array of icebergs, some the size of large aircraft. There’s the ominous 2,450-foot volcanic cliff called Brown Bluff, home to Gentoo and Adélie penguin colonies, the Argentine military base called Esperanza established at Hope Bay in the Antarctic Sound in 1951 and much, much more.


port lockroy.jpg

In Antarctica, the itinerary changes according to the weather conditions, so every day is an unexpected surprise. You will visit locations with romantic, historic names such as Deception Island, Whalers Bay and Cuverville Island, an enchanting penguin paradise. Famous ports of call include Port Lockroy, home to the only post office in Antarctica, Half Moon Island close to Livingstone Island and Andvord Bay, which is surrounded on every side by mountains and alpine glaciers.


You’ll see birds and animals you’ve only dreamed of coming into contact with, including the Wandering Albatross, which boasts a wingspan of more than 10 feet, the largest of any bird in the world. You’ll experience adventures that will give you stories to tell for many years to come.


If you would like to embark on a dream journey to Antarctica, contact Baroque Travel now, request@baroquetravel.com, and we will make all the arrangements for you to enjoy your unforgettable bucket list experience. Contact us right away and get ready to enjoy an adventure like no other!