Rent a villa on Italy’s spectacular coastline in summer 2018

It’s time to plan your summer vacation, and while there’s still time, Baroque Villas suggests you consider renting a magnificent property on the breathtaking Amalfi Coast


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Book early if you want to ensure a dream vacation in one of Europe’s most desirable locations, the breathtaking Amalfi Coastline. Remember, many people have already booked their villa of choice, often more than a year in advance to ensure an idyllic summer getaway. And we’re not just talking about during the summer months; the Amalfi coastline is often booked up throughout spring as well, and into the Fall.


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Why is it so popular? It’s the sensational scenery for starters. Imagine picture-perfect pastel-colored villages that have existed for centuries. Here, life goes along at a much slower pace, and the simplicity of the lifestyle is what makes it so attractive. It’s an authentic, traditional Italian experience at its very best, where you can enjoy living in another, more relaxed, less frenetic world and literally have the time to stop and smell the roses. The Amalfi coastline is famous for its historic, charming buildings that are reminiscent of a time long gone, for superb cuisine, great resort life and a choice of fun activities.

Renting a villa in this stunning location has become increasingly popular as it offers a level of luxury and privacy that is unsurpassed. Add the experience of living like a local, and you get to understand why so many people are offering to exchange their hectic lifestyles for a vacation in a little slice of European paradise.

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Baroque Villas has extensive experience in finding exceptional villas for rental during the warmer months, not only in Italy and on its spectacular coastline, but all over Europe. We will find you the exact size villa to suit your needs, whether you’re traveling as a couple, or as a small family, or with a group of friends. We will arrange everything for you, so that you can go on vacation with no worries at all – everything will have been taken care of for you.

Villa rental usually includes a staff complement that take care of your every whim – we’re talking about drivers, chefs, cleaning staff, and in some cases, even a concierge who takes care of arranging restaurant bookings, sightseeing and anything else you may require.


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Also, remember – the Amalfi coastline is full of exquisite locations, including scenic and historic Amalfi, vibrant Positano and romantic Ravello. Choose a location based on the type of vacation you want to have, whether it’s close to the beach, or on the outskirts of town, near shops, restaurants and museums or further out in the country. Choose the time of your vacation based on whether you enjoy being in the thick of the summer season or prefer a quieter, more relaxed getaway in spring or in the Fall.

Whatever type of villa you require, Baroque Villas can arrange it for you. And if you’re keen on a vacation along Italy’s spectacular coastline, we urge you to contact us now, to ensure you are able to book for an unforgettable stay in one of Europe’s most exquisite locations. Mail us right away, and we will show you a selection of stunning villas to chose from.