St. Barth’s – Your Island of Intense Leisure for New Year’s Eve

Waves gently splash onto the beaches of this volcanic island, and the warm wind blows a tropical breeze that ripple across the small whirlpools that form between the rocks that occasionally jut from the island surface.

This scenic wonderland has been aptly named the New Year’s Eve Capital of the World, since the Caribbean island – known to geographers as Saint Barthélemy or just St. Barth’s – is one of the most popular wintery tourist destinations among those of affluence and prestige.

And why not?

It is, in a very real sense, a paradise that tantalizes the eye with its supreme beauty. Its sublime tropical flora – and the sparkling blue ocean that lines the beaches and extends far into the horizon – is an ocular feast for those who have jetted from colder, grayer regions of the world. No wonder, then, that the likes of Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, Miranda Kerr, and Lindsay Lohan have all flown in to enjoy the rare tropical beauty of the island.

Yet there is more to this island than scenic loveliness and warm breezes – after all, there is a reason why it has been hailed as a favored hotspot for New Year’s Eve. To begin, St. Barth’s can be thought of as one vast and prodigious party-house. For once New Year’s Eve is around the corner, the island springs into action and produces some of the world’s most exclusive and sought-after parties.

If, then, you are interested in pursuing the thought of New Year’s Eve in St. Barth’s, here is a breakdown of some of the possibilities the island offers.

 The Food

Given St. Barth’s long French legacy, the food here is almost wholly European.  Certainly, however, other cuisines can be obtained easily enough. Quite naturally, fresh seafood is a particular delicacy that many visitors to the island are fond of.

 The Hiking

St. Barth’s is more than just a party house. When you are not busy partying away, considering taking a hike somewhere along the island. The night is warm here, in winter, so a nighttime hike should be as enjoyable as a day hike – even if you aren’t bundled up in layers of snug attire.

The Nightlife

There main nightclubs that are popular in St. Barth’s are The Bonito, the Ti St. Barth, First Floor, Le Yacht Club and Nikki  all provide a dazzling night experience for those venturing out of the opulent hotels and villas of the island.

 The Parties

When it’s New Year’s Eve, there will be a myriad of grand and magnificent parties – either in the island’s resorts, on yachts, or private estates. Consider, for instance, that in 2012 Roman Abramovich hosted a party that cost close to 8 million US dollars. Parties of different scopes and sizes take place throughout the entirety of the island. Moral of the story: when in St. Barth’s on New Year’s Eve, prepare to party hard.

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