Top Eco-Friendly U.S Restaurants

The manner we source our food has a tangible effect on our environment. The way we shop, the way we eat and the way we cook, this all has an environmental impact. More people are becoming aware of this and we are seeing a strong demand for sustainable eco-friendly cuisine. Top chefs around the world are heeding the public's call and creating scrumptious 'earth-to-table' gastronomical masterpieces.

Here are a few outstanding restaurants proudly flying the flag for 'Farm-to-Table' cuisine here in the US.

Mas (Farmhouse) - NYC


A French-American restaurant located in the heart of NYC's Greenwich Village, Chef Galen Zamarra's gastronomical creations are exquisite, delicate and whimsically nuanced. Mas will appeal to the most discerning diners and its culinary sophistication, fresh locally sourced ingredients, outstanding wine and exceptional service.

Seven Hills - San Francisco


Paying homage to Rome, which like San Francisco is a ‘seven hilled’ city. This warm and homely Trattoria situated in San Fran’s affluent Nob Hill neighborhood is whipping up imaginative farm-to-table Roman cuisine and giving it a West Coast twist.

Hatfield's - Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 2.27.31 PM.png

At this stylish Michelin star eatery the ingredients gets top priority. Husband and Wife duo Quinn and Karen Hatfield is wowing the L.A. food scene with innovative entrees and near perfect desserts.  Every dish produced is artistic statement inspired by classic Nouvelle cuisine and infused with bold Asian flavors. They have an extraordinary tasting menu that is sure to scintillate all your senses. 

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