Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

Address: 200 Schermerhorn St, brooklyn, New York 11201

Tucked at the back of what appears to be your ‘everyday run of the mill’ New York grocery store you will find one of the more unconventional settings for a 3 Michelin Star restaurant.


At this tiny 18-seat restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn, you are seated before a massive stainless steel counter facing the kitchen where Chef Cesar Ramirez’s whimsy and culinary mastery are on full display for all to see.


Cuisine at Brooklyn Fare can be best described as Western Food served in a Japanese way. Guests are served between 15 to 20 courses of bite size seafood and in-season vegetables, broths and sauces. The arrangement here is simple, Chef Ramirez serves what he wants; there are no choice and no substitutions – he serves – you eat. Each dish is meticulously thought out and is designed to be in perfect harmony with one another.

Dishes like Shimaaji with Crispy Ginger or King Salmon with Trout Roe offers great depth and complex favors, awakening your taste buds in the most wonderful way.

You may not expect the best when you walk in but at Brooklyn Fare that is exactly what you will get.

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