Best Dishes In The Caribbean

Flying Fish


Barbadian's Bajan cuisine revolves heavily around fresh seafood, especially the flying fish. This local dish is served with cou-cou (another Barbadian national dish); a cornmeal and okra mixture, plantains and hot peppers. Whether it is smoked, baked or fried, the flying fish is delectable anyway you cook it. 

Buljol on a Coconut Bake


Coconut milk and fresh grated coconut in the roast bake provide a subtly sweet counterpoint to the saltfish/tomato/onion/pepper salad inside. Before you ask for extra pepper sauce, remember the name means “burn mouth.”

Baighan Chokha


Smoky, fire-roasted eggplant mashed with caramelized diced onion, pepper, and garlic (green). Better than baba ghanoush in our opinion. Chokha can also come in the tomato variety (red), with okra, a popular Trinidadian vegetable.

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