Q&A with Master Chef Stéphane Raimbault of L'Oasis (Cannes, France)

 Baroque Access sits down to speak with renown chef Stéphane Raimbault

Baroque Access sits down to speak with renown chef Stéphane Raimbault

  Brother Chef Trio (From left to right)  - François, Antoine and Stéphane Raimbault

Brother Chef Trio (From left to right) - François, Antoine and Stéphane Raimbault

 Head Sommelier, Pascal Paulze

Head Sommelier, Pascal Paulze

 L'Etage - A Little Bistro upstairs providing guests with an alternative menu, authentic dishes at more affordable prices.

L'Etage - A Little Bistro upstairs providing guests with an alternative menu, authentic dishes at more affordable prices.

For 50 years, this twice Michellin starred restaurant located just outside of Cannes has offered patrons gourmet delights. Founded by famous French chef Lulis Outhier, L’Oasis is housed in a beautiful Provencal villa that combines rustic old world charm with every modern facility in its silver and granite kitchen. The restaurant still maintains the standards of excellence thanks to brother chef trio Stéphane, Antoine and François Raimbault.

Baroque Access sits down with one of its Grand Chef Stéphane Raimbault – winner of two Michelin stars and talks to him about what makes L’Oasis arguably the best restaurant on the Cote d’Azure

What makes L’Oasis such a unique restaurant?

The three of us believe in offering food that is simple, warm and exciting. To us, taste is most important. We have created a restaurant where people from all over the world can come and enjoy fine, adventurous dishes, whether they are serious gourmands or just enjoy having a fine meal.

Can you describe the food you serve at l’Oasis?

We prepare a contemporary menu that is a mix of Asian and Provencal cuisine. Our cooking is often called ‘Fusion Food’. We are constantly searching for new flavors to excite the palate. We feel it’s important to experience new tastes and textures in food. We add the Asian touch with different herbs and spices that transform ordinary dishes into something quite sublime.


Where do you source your ingredients?

Because we insist on using only the freshest ingredients, I am up at dawn everyday to visit the Forville Market in Cannes and pick up fresh produce and seafood. I think that the freshness of our food is one of the secrets of our success.

How do you divide your workload in the kitchen?

Antoine and I are the Grand Chefs, and we create the menus, while François is the patissier in the family; he adds the finishing touches to a gourmet experience with his famous ‘Caravan of Desserts’!

How often do you change the menu?

Because we rely on fresh, seasonal ingredients, we change the menu according to the seasons. But we also include special dishes depending on what we find at the market on a particular day. And we also have a number of regular dishes that we prepare because they are so popular.

Can you give us an idea of what is on your menu?

Our menu is vast, and we include various popular dishes, as well as lunch and dinner menus. We also have a menu that offers Flavors of the Orient, and the menu we are most famous for, which is Flavors of the Season. This menu includes a Gourmet Trilogy of starters, which is decided by the chef and our famous Foie Gras Truffle Surprise, served with a golden jelly of yellow wine and bitter baby sprouts. This is followed by a Cappucino of Sea Scallops, and Seashells and Razor Clams with Champagne served with steamed baby leeks and Chanterelle Mushrooms. The main course is Roasted and Parsleyed Rack of Lamb Bordelaise. To finish, there is an assortment of seasonal cheeses, plus of course, the ‘Caravan of Desserts’, a selection of tarts, pastries and cakes as well as delicacies, macaroons and marshmallows.


What is your personal favorite dish?

Because of the time I spent in Japan, I am very fond of Wagyu Beef. I serve a Rib Steak of Wagyu that is reminiscent of a Japanese Teppenyaki. The meat is sliced thinly and grilled and served with an Akamiso Sauce and Yuzu as well as an Eggplant Timbale and Salsify Tempura.

Tell us about your wine list…

Our Head Sommelier, Pascal Paulze has developed an exceptional wine list over the past 20 years that comprises some of the rarest vintages available in France. He has an excellent relationship with various winemakers and his wine list also includes some great value for money offerings. As chefs we are reliant on Pascal’s expertise in pairing different wines with the dishes we create.

Let’s talk about L’Etage…

We transformed the upstairs meeting room into a little bistro with a fireplace, vast wooden tables, copper pots and pans and silver lacquered Louis XV chairs. This was to provide our guests with an alternative menu, authentic dishes at affordable prices. The Michelin Guide has recently awarded it with a ‘BIB Gourmand’.

What type of food do you serve at L’Etage?

There is a selection of starters, main courses and desserts as well as ‘chalkboard specials’ that are created depending on what we pick up at the market that day. We offer a three-course menu at a special price.

What other offerings are available at L’Oasis?

We also have a pastry shop here and we run a cooking school. 

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