The Groucho Club to come to NYC

One of London’s most exclusive and renowned private clubs, The Groucho Club, will be coming to New York City. Baroque Travel has all the details


Founded 30 years ago in Dean Street in London’s Soho, the Groucho Club is famous for its A-list celebrity patrons that include actors and comedians like Lily Allen, Sienna Miller, Jude Law and Rachel Weisz as well as numerous top notch media execs. The private-members club, which has been sold numerous times, the last time being in 2008, was recently bought for $62 million and is due to be completely refurbished.


The chief executive of the company, Matt Hobbs is currently putting together a management buy-out of the business. This will bring a string of new investors to the Groucho Club, which is why rumor is rife that the club will expand into the US, more specifically the Big Apple.


The name of this iconic private club apparently is derived from a phrase uttered by comedian Groucho Marx, who was part of the Marx Brothers comedy act. He was quoted as saying that he’d resigned from a private club because he was unable to belong to an establishment that would have people like him as members. When the club was first launched, membership was so sought-after that those who were rejected as members even launched their own club. Today the club has more than 4,000 members, all of whom pay highly for membership.

 The current management changes include diluting the ownership of the private equity group called Graphite Capital that took control of the Groucho Club in 2008.


The club, which calls itself “The original arts and media private members club” is open to both members and their invited guests, who can dine there or stay over in the xxx rooms available. Membership involves working in the Arts or the Media, fitting into the club’s “maverick” ethos and being proposed and seconded by current members, and there’s a Membership Committee that meets monthly to decide whether a person is accepted as a member or not.


Life membership for UK citizens is £10,000 and bi-annual membership is £850. Those living overseas pay £650 twice a year. Those under the age of 30 can become members, but the fees are £350 per month. The club has previously had a pop-up version at the Hay Literary Festival as well as in Ibiza during the summer season. The new funds coming in will be used to refurbish the London club and open one in NYC.  


If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of the existing London Club, or the new Groucho Club that will be opening in NYC, contact Baroque Access right away at info@baroqueaccess,com